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Gunzz – Afrosonic (Prod. Doktor Rex)


This is quality “Afro Hip-Hop” right here.

“Just when you thought Afrobeat couldn’t go any further, Nigerian super rapper Gunzz defies the system with his new single “Afrosonic” a blend of authentic Afro culture and rap, call it Afro hiphop if you may, no wait… I can’t define it cuz its unlike anything I’ve heard before and its all Doktor Rex’s fault, you can’t tell what this enigmatic producer will throw at you any second.

With a style and voice that is both familiar and alien at the same time, its People like Gunzz, who keep us on the edge of our seats while taking us on a trip to a parallel world, reminding everyone that there is unrivaled creativity in Nigeria, this is the good stuff!! download and enjoy.

Cc @IamGunzz @Doktor_Rex.”Gunzz-Afrosonic-Art





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